Amazon Influencers

I started the Amazon Influencers program in 2023 as a side hustle. The program allows you to create short product videos that get displayed on Amazon listing pages. If viewers engage with your videos and end up purchasing the product, you can earn commissions.

I post monthly videos tracking my progress. It’s been an exciting rollercoaster – some months have brought in almost $3,000, while other months have seen major declines.

There are a lot of factors that impact earnings, from seasonal shopping trends to changes in Amazon’s video layouts. I’ve learned to expect volatility and not rely on Influencers as a primary income stream.

Creating videos is quick and easy once you get into a groove. I can now produce them much more efficiently than when I first started out. I’ve also experimented with different video styles, like comparisons between products.

While results fluctuate, I’m happy with Influencers as a side hustle so far. In just a few months, I earned several thousand dollars for a relatively small time investment each week.

Feel free to ask any questions!

Month One

In my first month, I earned $1,025 after publishing 229 videos. It was a great start, earning over $1,000 in just 30 days.

I was able to get up and running so quickly thanks to taking Matt Donnelly’s Jungle Influencer course. It walks you through the entire process step-by-step.

Key learnings from month 1:

  • The quick feedback loop is highly motivating. Publishing a video and seeing it earn money just days later is a huge dopamine boost.
  • It’s important to move fast – the more videos you can publish, the more opportunities for earnings. I was able to publish 100 videos in just the first week.
  • Having video creation experience is a big advantage for being able to produce high-quality videos efficiently.

Month Two

In month 2, my earnings increased to $2,868 after publishing 329 videos. That’s almost $3,000 in just my second full month!

The key stats:

  • 14,755 clicks
  • 2,465 orders
  • $2,868 total earnings

I’m now earning about $100 per day, which equates to around $3,000 per month at this rate.

Month Three

Month 3 saw a bit of a decline, with earnings dropping to $2,125 after publishing 510 total videos.

August is typically slower sales month on Amazon, so some decline was expected. However, video clicks only dropped about 5% while earnings dropped 26%. This indicates lower average order values in August compared to July.

I’m still encouraged moving into Q4, typically the highest sales quarter on Amazon. I also started experimenting with new video types like comparisons, so we’ll see if that helps performance.

Month Four

September was a real rollercoaster. The first half of the month I averaged 639 clicks per day and $18 in daily earnings – well on my way to $3,000+ for the month.

But the second half of September saw clicks plummet to just 277 per day, cutting my daily earnings in half. Overall the month closed at $2,334.

The drop seems to be driven by Amazon removing video carousels from many product listings during the second half of the month. Friends experienced the same, and say it’s fairly common as Amazon tests layouts.

So far I’m at 847 total videos and just shy of $9,000 in earnings over the first 4 months. It’s certainly very volatile, but I’m still happy given the relatively low time investment required.

I’m excited to see if seasonal videos help drive improved performance in Q4!